Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exclusive: Family Suing Wootton Principal, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Board of Education #mocofootball
On June 27, 2014, a Wootton High School family filed a lawsuit in Montgomery County Circuit Court against Wootton High School principal Michael Doran, Wootton athletic directors Christopher Thompson and Al Lightsey, current and former Wootton coaches Benjamin Tynes, Mark Rabon, Tyree Spinner, and the Montgomery County Board of Education alleging that their student was injured during a football conditioning after school club as a result of "being required to do 125 elevated pushups."

According to the case file the Montgomery County Attorney has alleged that coach Tyree Spinner was not employed by MCPS at the time of the May 2011 incident, but became employed with MCPS a few months later.

The complaint asks for judgment in an amount in excess of $75,000.


  1. Why are they suing? If he couldn't do the exercise, STOP! If he was doing the exercise and it hurt, STOP! Duh.

    1. Oh, so that's how team conditioning sessions go? Players just do what they "feel" like doing even when the coach tells them otherwise? Players pick and chose what exercises to participate in? Really?
      Please identify your planet because a lot of athletes would love to move there.

  2. I thought it wouldn't be long before you OK'd my post and jumped on. So what are you saying? Players should allow a coach to yell scream and act like an idiot and tell players to "push" through the pain and that's OK? I'm saying, use common sense. Do what you're told but if you start to hurt, feel light headed, then tell a coach and take a break, get water, etc. If the coach is going to berate you for taking care of yourself, then that shouldn't be a team to play on.

    1. That's hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.
      Isn't that EXACTLY what the Springbrook football players did?? DUH? They complained that their pads were burning and the coaches kept them in their uniforms for the 3 hour practice.
      Coaches are in charge. Students follow the orders of their coach. That's how sports teams work!


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