Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MCPS Chromebooks Presentation to Board of Education Part 1

This video is the first hour of the MCPS  July 15th presentation on the introduction of Chromebooks into classrooms.

July 15, 2014
7.1 Strategic Technology Plan-Creating 21st Century Learning Spaces


  1. Scary. They are using wifi when they could be using ethernet cords and not radiating the kids with wireless microwave radiation. Are parents aware this is a Class 2 b carcinogen? That long term research needs to be done.
    That research shows neurological damage to rats and bunnies from exposure.
    Educate yourself!

    See this Takoma Park Council Petition on the issue.

  2. WiFi is awesome and the Claas 2b classification was a miatake (and in any case does not suggest carcinogenesis):
    Don't let groundless fears deprive kids of modern learning tools.

    1. On the "modern learning tools" - how so? TVs were big once too. They were installed in every classroom. They were "modern". Did they change learning or did we end up with a teacher as still the best way to impart knowledge?

      Where's the data that says a chromebook creates learning?

    2. And what happened to Promethean Boards? Remember them? $40 million+ or so of them floating around MCPS. They were "the" big thing in "modern learning." Where's the data on the difference they made? Why are they now being ditched just a few years after they were installed?

    3. They're being ditched? (Still trying to find an hour-long block to watch the video, so if that's covered in there I haven't heard it yet.)

      Actually, the Smartboards are getting plenty of use right now in both my kids' classes. When they work, they're pretty cool....but when they don't, well, that's another story. As they age and require more maintenance and eventual replacement, it'll be interesting to see how MCPS handles that. I'm definitely not convinced of the ROI on that purchase, not at all.

    4. Anon 9:28: For many people, the jury is still out on how safe wireless tech is, especially for younger humans. There is a dearth of long-term research either way. As a parent, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution now rather than find out the hard way later that my kid's become a statistic, and not in a good way, KWIM? Especially if I'm the one paying for the tech thru taxes (and no doubt an insurance fee when MCPS decides my kids need to bring those babies home, a fee I do not plan to pay).

      Those "modern learning tools" come with a high price....

    5. Money that was used for Promethean Boards is now being used for Chromebooks. Chromebooks do not communicate with Promethean Boards. Many Promethean Boards are just about out of their warranty period or already out so as they break, they go out the door.

    6. Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about the incompatibility issue. Good to know there's a shiny new Magic Bullet to shoot at the schools.


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