Friday, January 16, 2015

ABC7: MCPS special education teacher’s aide arrested on felony drug charges

...During a phone interview, MCPS spokesman Dana Tofig stated administrators would have briefed parents, had Johnson been caught with illegal drugs on school property. However, because she was arrested off the clock and off campus, Tofig considered the incident to be a non-school matter...



  1. "Tofig" considered it a non school matter? Who cares what Tofig considers? What does the superintendent say about this? Or is he not allowed to speak for himself?

  2. Brilliant! MCPS has delegated background checks to the MCPD.

  3. . . . guilty till proven innocent right.

    1. Try reading. This was an arrest. When people are arrested it makes the news. That applies to MCPS teachers, staff, subs and contractors just like it applies to the rest of the citizens.

    2. Exactly! A classic example of jumping the gun.


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