Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cell Tower to be Built on Chesapeake Bay Critical Area #milestone #dougduncan

Daly Elementary School cell tower compound

The Maryland Coalition to Halt Cell Towers at Schools has learned that the Anne Arundel Board of Education's plan to build a cell tower at the Severn River/Magothy River Middle School will place the cell tower within 1,000 feet of the Mean High Water Line of tidal waters or the landward edge of tidal wetlands and all waters of and lands under the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. 

This land is governed by the Maryland Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays and will require approval of the Commission before construction can be commenced. 
The Maryland Critical Area Commission will now spend time reviewing a construction project that the land owner hasn't even officially approved.  That' right, the land is owned by the Anne Arundel Board of Education and the Board of Education hasn't even bothered to vote on this construction project.  
Apparently the Anne Arundel Board of Education couldn't care less about what gets built on land that is in the Critical Area of the Chesapeake Bay.

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