Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Edison High School Still Charging Students for Free Public Education

The Maryland Constitution guarantees all public school children a free public education.  That means that anything related to curriculum must be available to all for free.

But, we live in Montgomery County and in our county, our elected officials don't believe in the Maryland Constitution and don't believe in free public education for all.

Our Board of Education is so bold that they actually put right on the Edison High School application (page 4) that any children that apply for an Edison program will be charged to attend the school.

Yes, if your child dares to apply for classes at Edison High School in Silver Spring, the Board of Education will deny your child a free public education.  

From the Edison High School application packet:


  1. Actually the school is free but due to lack of funding and how many students attend certain classes require students to pay for there own materials and these materials last the whole year and for certain classes last into the next year or 2 that the student is there for example the cosmetology students have to come up with about 200 dollars to pay for their hair and nails kit which is a low price for an otherwise free class and certification after completion and I know the kit lasts them for the whole year without extra charge other classes have charges of 10 dollars or so for their uniform shirts and classes like automotive and construction require you to provide your own work boots but alot of the teachers make it clear that if a student needs help financially with getting materials required for the class that they have no problem coming out of pocket themselves and helping so applying to Thomas Edison is no waste of time if you want a free education in trades that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars

    1. Don't lie. The school is not providing a free public education to all students as required by the MARYLAND CONSTITUTION.

      The fees collected go into a slush fund for the principal. Again, stop with the lies. The illegal fees are NOT recorded in ANY PUBLIC BUDGET DOCUMENT. So your whine about how the fees are needed is total and complete bull.

      If the school needs funding then it's really simple. The teachers and administrators walk out the door, get in their cars, drive to 850 Hungerford Dr. and give public comment to the BOARD OF EDUCATION requesting additional funding. But that NEVER HAPPENS! Why not? Because the school is fully funded already and the BOE and staff know that.

      Wait - you are saying that the students are getting a "deal" by going to Edison and paying illegal fees? Oh, a trade education would cost thousands of dollars? Really? What about a SCIENCE EDUCATION??? Seriously? You think a SCIENCE EDUCATION is cheap, but a TRADE EDUCATION is expense and requires students to pay EXTRA illegal fees?

      What you are saying is that DISCRIMINATION is acceptable when it involves students seeking courses in TRADES and TECHNOLOGY, but students interested in the sciences, math, English, history etc... are worthy of a FREE public education.


      Way to discriminate!

  2. We have been required to pay fees for science classes (required for graduation), technology classes (required for graduation), music classes, food preparations and safety classes, and special education program classes embedded within regular public neighborhood middle schools and high schools in MCPS.


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