Thursday, January 8, 2015

Observer: Broken heating system makes weather inside frightful

CHS continues to experience maintenance problems with the heat and air condition systems, leading to faculty and students sweltering in classrooms.
Hot conditions in the classrooms began Nov. 17 and lasted until Nov. 21 when Principal Joan Benz announced that maintenance fixed the heating and air conditioning systems; however, the problem returned shortly after.
“A mechanical piece was fixed but it is now broken again,” Benz said Dec. 8. “The system has been an ongoing problem.”
When CHS finished remodeling in 2002, new sections of the building, such as the guidance hallway, were built and therefore a new heating and cooling system was added. However, the heating and air conditioning throughout the old parts of the school remained the same, causing problems between the two...

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  1. Joan C. Benz, Ed D., PC.
    Principal, Winston Churchill High School
    Dr. Benz’s interest lies in the study of chronic illness and its impact on the educational progress of children and adolescents, as well as the special challenges family members face. She has held a variety of positions within interagency facilities serving special needs students. She is presently the principal of a large public school in Montgomery County, Maryland.


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