Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Song said MCPS will not clear the trees protected by the easement"

The site that Superintendent Joshua Starr has proposed for the relocation of the MCPS Shady Grove bus depot just lost 7 acres.  

MCPS Director of Construction says that MCPS will not be cutting down the 7 acres of trees that are in a forest conservation easement at the site.

That means the Ewing Center School site is no longer a 22.5 acre site.  It is now just a 15.5 acre site. 

...The 22.5 acres includes the Blair Ewing Center, the surrounding athletic fields and six acres of forest land protected by a forest conservation easement, according to Rockville Deputy City Manager Jenny Kimball.
Song said MCPS will not clear the trees protected by the easement and the forest is actually a benefit of the site because it’s a buffer between residential areas.
“Most of the trees are around the perimeter and those will be preserved,” Song said.
But the athletic fields Rockville shares with the school would have to be moved. The city originally funded the fields through the state’s Program Open Space in 1999 and maintains the school-owned fields in exchange for using them when the school does not need them...

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