Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TONIGHT: Rock Terrace School/Tilden Middle School Roundtable Discussion Group

This is a reminder that there is an opportunity to observe the Roundtable discussions about the feasibility of co-locating the Rock Terrace School, which serves students ages 12-21 with significant cognitive issues, with the new build of Tilden Middle School at Tilden Lane and Marcliff Road.  The next meeting is Tonight, January 20th at 7pm, at Tilden Middle School (11211 Old Georgetown Road).   

Rock Terrace School/Tilden Middle School
Roundtable Discussion Group
Meeting #      Date                Location                     Topic
            --          12/01/14          Rock Terrace               Public Information Meeting #1
            1          12/18/14          Tilden MS                   Introduction; Review of Committee charge; Overview of   process and timeline; Identification of concerns and
                                                                                      development of committee criteria
            2          01/05/15          Rock Terrace               Identify possible concepts
            3          01/20/14          Tilden MS                   Staff presentation of concepts and Roundtable clarification
            4          01/26/14          Rock Terrace               Sharing of pluses/minuses for each approach; discussion of community concerns by Roundtable members
            5          02/12/14          Tilden MS                   Discussion of programmatic issues and community concerns
            6          02/23/14          Rock Terrace               Review and clarification of concerns with concepts; Review of items to be included in the Roundtable Discussion
                                                                                      Group’s summary of issues for report.
            --          03/04/14          Tilden MS                   Public Information Meeting #2
            --          03/06/14                                               Roundtable Discussion Group report sent to
                                                                                      superintendent of schools and Board of Education
The first Public Information Meeting will be held at the Rock Terrace School Library Media Center. All of the Roundtable Discussion Group meetings will be held in the Library Media Centers of Rock Terrace School or Tilden Middle School. The second Public Information Meeting will be held in the Tilden Middle School cafeteria. All meetings will be held from 7:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m. All information relating to the Roundtable will be posted on the MCPS website at the following link:

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