Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Special Education Staffers In Harford County School Accused Of Abusive Practices

A Maryland nonprofit law center says staffers at a Harford County special education program abused elementary school children by spraying them with water bottles and penning them in with furniture.

In a report obtained by the Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Disability Law Center also found that staffers at Bel Air's Hickory Elementary School used a rolling pin as a noisemaker, despite the fact that autistic students can have adverse reactions to loud noises.

The nonprofit agency is designated by the state to independently investigate such allegations involving people with disabilities.

In its written response to the report, the district pledged to offer services to provide more training and professional development for staff.

Harford County officials declined to comment on any disciplinary actions levied against the school's staffers.
Leslie Margolis, attorney at The Maryland Disability Law Center, spoke with Mary Beth Marsden about the case. Listen below:

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