Friday, September 11, 2015

Breaking: County Appeals MSDE Determination that County Owes MCPS $1.4 Million

On September 2, 2015, the Parents' Coalition broke the story of a dispute between Montgomery County and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) regarding the County's funding of the Fiscal Year 2016 MCPS Operating Budget.  At issue is $1.4 million that MSDE says the County owes MCPS. 

On August 12, 2015, Montgomery County appealed the MSDE decision.  The Maryland State Board of Education asked MCPS to respond on this matter, and on September 9, 2015, Larry Bowers wrote a letter to the Maryland State Board of Education discussing the MCPS budget formulation process.  Those letters are shown below in the just released County Council packet.  In brief, MCPS blames MSDE for the error.

The Montgomery County Council's Education Committee will take up this matter on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, in a special session of this committee that will convene before the regularly scheduled full Council meeting that day.

Will MCPS get the additional $1.4 million for the FY 2016 Operating Budget? Stay tuned.


  1. Not to worry, the county will increase the sales tax on toiletries.

  2. You wish that was all. Property taxes are getting a big jump in the next years. For anyone not to calculate this in their already strained household budgets is a mistake. Two plus two equals ten in this area when it comes to spending your money. The deficit will be on your dime, not the administrations whose salary and perks you pay..

  3. It is clear that the county shortchanged MCPS by $1.4 million. Now how much taxpayer money is going to be wasted paying attorneys, chiefs, superintendents, county executives, legislative analysts, and council members to send letters back and forth and hold meetings to argue about this tiny fraction of the budget? How about if all these adults PUT THE CHILDREN FIRST FOR A CHANGE? The county needs to just pay the effing $1.4 million to MCPS and move on.

    1. Does this fall under the category of creative accounting?
      Perhaps it was a deliberate oversight in order to line the pockets of the aforementioned "professionals."

  4. Sample Payment Check:

  5. Great. Now taxpayers get to pay for lawyers on both sides of two county government entities we are funding. What next for these clowns. Oh, right, re-election for all the incumbents. Way to go, voters.

    1. The Legal scholars
      With starched collars
      Have fancy dinners
      Using our dollars.

      The county entities
      Are using niceties
      And once reelected
      Voters are neglected.


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