Friday, September 4, 2015

County and MCPS Find $250,000 to give Brandman Busy Work #paybacks #perks

The County’s Fiscal Year 2016 operating budget includes $250,000 for the Children’s Opportunity Fund, with the Department of Health and Human Services and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) each contributing $125,000, which will be leveraged by the fund to attract additional private investment. The fund is a public/private effort to provide services and supports for children at risk of not succeeding in school, and their families. Early partners in the effort include MCPS; County agencies such as Health and Human Services and Recreation; the Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families and the Community Foundation for Montgomery County. Brandman will be responsible for developing the framework for this effort and supporting the policy leaders in setting its strategic direction, according to a news release.


  1. Leggett pays off another crony/friend. No surprise here.

  2. Maybe the cheap taxpayers of Montgomery County can find it in this budget to put chalkboard erasers in their classrooms. #cheapskatetaxpayers

    1. Excuse? The MCPS budget is fully funded. There is plenty of money for everything that is a priority.
      Erasers are not a priority. Expense accounts for Board of Education members are THE priority.

      The teachers' union has a seat at the MCPS back room budget table. They set the priorities and teachers' own union doesn't give a bleep if there are erasers in the classrooms. The union does, however, believe that expense accounts for Larry Bowers, Board of Education members and MCPS administrators are a huge priority and all of those expenses are covered without question. In fact, the bills aren't even audited.

      If teachers need erasers, maybe they should ask a BOE member for a cash advance.


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