Friday, October 30, 2015

Maryland PTA pushing McDonald’s Because McDonald's Sponsored Their Conference

...On Maryland PTA’s Web site, a letter urges parents to ask their schools to show the documentary to them so that they “have the most current and accurate information about McDonald’s.”

An accompanying teaching guide specifically recommends that teachers show the documentary when “Super Size Me” is part of the curriculums.

“They help teach the kids about choice, and how you can personalize what you want to eat,” Maryland PTA president Elizabeth Ysla Leight said. The lessons, she added, teach how students can modify their order at McDonald’s.
Leight said the information was featured after McDonald’s sponsored the group’s annual conference this year. McDonald’s is one of her group’s most consistent supporters, but she declined to say how much it receives. McDonald’s and other supporters give the PTA money for basic educational materials. “In order to do things like provide materials and put on conferences, we need the support,” she said...



  2. Accepting money from a company that poisons kids?

  3. Maryland PTA President Ysla's recommendations for PTA members/parents to work directly with schools/teachers to incorporate the McDonald's message into schools does not comport with MoCo-BOE Policies for Development and Implementation, and I would expect that the same would hold true for our sister school systems in the state.

    Obviously, what the MD-PTA is really doing McDonald's lobbying. This kind of "wolf-in-sheep's-clothing lobbying needs to be tracked. If they don't maintain their mission as a 501(C)3, then they risk the IRS pulling their tax-exempt charitable status.

    1. Thanks for the laugh. You might want to check out what the Board of Education's club is doing too. It's called MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) and they are very, very, very close with no bid vendors that they push on local Boards of Educations.

      And guess what? The Montgomery County Board of Education is one of the suckers that goes for these no bid vendors. See the "Board Docs" system on the MCPS BOE website? That's a no bid MABE vendor that our BOE signed up for with no bids or competition.

      Welcome to Maryland. It's Pay to Play here 24/7. The IRS doesn't have the staff to clean up what goes on here.


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