Thursday, February 4, 2016

Calvert Co. Litigation on Administrator Contracts is Now Back Before State BOE

In April of 2015, a Calvert County Circuit Court reversed and remanded the decision of the Maryland State Board of Education with regard to the contract dispute between Calvert Co. Public Schools administrators and the Calvert Co. Board of Education.  The dispute centers around alleged agreements made by Calvert Co.'s previous superintendent, Jack Smith, and three school system administrators. 

The Calvert County Circuit Court sent the matter BACK to the Maryland State Board of Education in April of 2015.

In August of 2015, the very same Maryland State Board of Education named Jack Smith as their Interim Superintendent, even though litigation surrounding his actions was currently before them.  While Mr. Smith is not named in this litigation, he has submitted affidavits as part of these proceedings.


  1. Time to oust the entire BOE. The whole super-secret search is disturbing, (was there any community input into the choice?) and why are we hiring someone with rural experience to head our system? And I guess Vance will be the last person of color to run the system. And how will Jack interact with some of the corporate reformists that Josh hired and are currently entrenched like barnacles in MCPS? Just wondering!

  2. There'll be litigation
    For this abomination
    So the administration
    Admits to machination.


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