Thursday, February 18, 2016

Google finally admits they are collecting your child's data

Today's Post reports that Google officially admits it tracks and collects student personal information when students use Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks and go to YouTube, Google Maps etc.

Google also says schools must obtain parental consent for students under 13, and schools can control and limit which of the tracked services schools use.

Do you remember ever being asked to consent to the collection of your student's personal data?

Goolge also confirms it uses the info for its business purposes - monetizing our children's data while they receive their "free" public education paid for by our tax dollars.

All this is very disturbing and possibly illegal. "Possibly" only because under FERPA, schools are allowed to consent on parents' behalf. This does not mean they should do it without parental knowledge and consent. FERPA advises obtaining parental consent.
Google's letter was written in response to an inquiry by senator Al Franken sent last month. He advocates for parental "out-in". Schools could implement it right away. This is something all parents should know about. People need to write to sen. Franken, and to MD and MCPS officials asking for opt-in consent, and for limiting student data collection.
I'm attaching Google's letter and the letter of Sen. Franken's. Here is the link to the Post article:

Feel free to forward to other parents and post on your lists. 

MCPS Parents


  1. Google admits to an open secret: In the digital era there is neither privacy nor security.

  2. "I'm a parent, so I get it," Collette said. "We don't give up our intellectual property."


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