Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Man caught roaming Paint Branch HS while toting backpack with illegal drugs

A man managed to tiptoe his way into Paint Branch High School, where police say he attempted to deal plastic baggies of marijuana from his backpack.
Emmanuel Akum, 19, of Silver Spring, is facing charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance on school property, trespass on school grounds and disturbing school operations.
According to Montgomery County Police, on Wednesday, January 13, PBHS assistant principal Traci Pettis-Jones spotted Akum roaming the second floor of the school. When she attempted to speak with him, Akum tried escaping out a back door, where security guards managed to stop him.
Akum, who'd been kicked off school property just one week earlier, refused to tell school leaders why he'd returned to campus as he was not a Paint Branch student.
School staff reported a "very strong odor of marijuana" coming from Akum. And so, they searched the 19-year-old's backpack and found a plastic bag containing 26 individually wrapped baggies. Each baggie had marijuana inside. Akum, police say, also had $51 in his wallet: 10 $5 bills and one $1 bill...


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  1. "... roaming the second floor of the school." Was ist los!


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