Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Montgomery delegate seeks voting in school board elections for immigrants, students

The Montgomery County House Delegation Education committee approved a proposal that could allow legal aliens and 16 and 17 year old students to vote in local school board elections.
Del. David Moon, a Takoma Park Democrat and sponsor of MC 25-16, said that with Montgomery County's rise of legal immigrants, non-citizen parents should have the right to vote in county school board elections. The state bill would give the Montgomery County Council control over local voter qualifications, including whether legal immigrants who are not citizens and minors ages 16-17 could vote in school board elections.
The motion passed 5-1 at the delegation committee meeting Friday, with Del. C. William Frick, a Bethesda Democrat, the only one opposed.
The proposal faces some critics on a conservative website who say that non-citizens should not be permitted to vote for constitutional reasons...


  1. I so hope to get out of this crazy county within the next 2 years. Makes me sick.

  2. This fits right in with the voters allowed to vote for Student board member, who is only voted in by a restricted pool of middle and high school students. Even though this student member has pretty much full voting rights on the $2.4Billion budget that taxpayers pay, no property tax payers are allowed to vote for that person. To add to the conflict of interest, the student board member receives a hefty cash payout from the Board of Education.


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