Friday, February 12, 2016

Parkland Parents Say Resounding No to Cell Tower in School's Loading Dock. 53 Opposed 0 in Favor

Red area shows planned location for cell tower compound.
The Montgomery County Board of Education presented their plan for building a cell tower compound in the loading dock of Parkland Magnet Middle School to parents and neighbors last night.

Of the 56 parents and neighbors in attendance at the meeting last night, no one was in favor of this plan.  The vote of those in attendance was 53 opposed, 3 abstentions, and 0 in favor.  

Parents at the meeting question why the Board of Education representative was advocating for the plan?  The money from these construction projects does not go into the MCPS Operating Budget, does not pay for teachers, and does not contribute to classrooms. 

Why is Board of Education staff pushing for this construction project that would take away much needed space for this middle school's operations?

Where does the money from the placement of cell towers on public school land really go, and how is it spent?

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