Thursday, February 4, 2016

Petition Questioned Interim State Superintendent's Appointment

The Maryland State Board of Education is currently in the process of picking a permanent Superintendent for the State.  Legislators in Annapolis are proposing legislation that would let the legislature have a say in who is selected for this state position. 

Let's take a look at the current Interim Superintendent.  Here is the Petition that was created to request the Governor not permit the current Interim Superintendent be appointed.  The Petition failed and Jack Smith is currently serving as the Interim Maryland State Superintendent. 


Prevent Dr. Jack Smith in becoming Maryland State Superintendent

Dr. Smith has created a major hole in the Calvert County community by his manipulation of weak minded board of education members back in 2010 that allowed him and his top staff to give him the ability to cash in leave and also have the school system pay his 403B and health benefits for life. Now his role is at the state level as temporary State Superintendent of Schools.

This is what Jack did while at Calvert.

Article dated Friday, March 14, 2014.
Titled:  Former Calvert County superintendent’s pay scrutinized 
Smith claims all contracts were ‘approved and signed by board members’.

When the former superintendent of Calvert County Public Schools Jack Smith left his job unexpectedly last July, then-new school board member Joe Chenelly and other local officials expressed their surprise.
Smith’s employment contract with the Calvert County Board of Education, which began July 1, 2010, was scheduled to run through June 30, 2014 — the end of this current school year.
On May 23, 2013, Smith and the school board amended this contract, stating Smith could resign from his position after giving at least 45 days of written notice to the board. On June 19 last year, Smith announced his resignation as Calvert County superintendent. He took a job less than a week later with the Maryland State Department of Education as chief academic officer for the state.
But before Smith’s departure, newcomers to the board Chenelly and Kelly McConkey began asking questions regarding Smith’s compensation and did not like what they found.
“During my campaign, I felt I was looking at the budget, and it didn’t make sense to me,” Chenelly said. “[The central office] seemed to be a top-heavy system, and it didn’t seem like there were an abnormally large number of people working at the central office, but it did seem like there was more spending at the central office than I knew why.”

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