Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Bad Audit for MCPS. 2015 State Audit of MCPS Shows SAME Findings as in 2009.

Under Maryland law, public school systems are audited every 6 years by the Maryland State Office of Legislative Audits.  The first audit of MCPS was released in 2009.  One would think that the next audit would have been released in 2015, but as of today that audit has still not been made public.

But, thanks to the Board of Education's Legislative Aide, Patricia Swanson, we now know that the 2015 audit has been completed and that the State Auditors have made the same findings as they did back in 2009.

On February 9, 2016, Patricia Swanson told the Board of Education:
  • 2009 State Audit of MCPS listed "some concerns"
  • MCPS says 2009 Audit findings "were not founded"
  • 2015 State Audit of MCPS has "same findings"
What were those concerns in 2009, that MCPS administrators are now dismissing as "not founded?"

Below is the link to the 2009 Maryland State Audit of MCPS.  Read for yourself what the State Auditors found.  

It's a preview of what is to come in the 2015 audit, IF the 2015 audit is ever released to the public. 

2009 Maryland State Office of Legislative Audits report.

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