Thursday, March 17, 2016

City of Rockville: A Cell Tower on Every Corner

Montgomery County is doing the exact same type of "small" cell tower installations in residential neighborhoods, just with a lot less transparency.  Try and find out what is going on with Montgomery County on this issue and let us know.  In the alternative, wait until one of these "small" cell towers is installed in front of your house or outside your window.
The text amendment proposed by Verizon for the City of Rockville would allow for the installation of small cell antennas most anywhere in the city.  These antennas are typically about two feet square, or two by three feet round and can be placed on a pole in front of a home.  

The amendment that is being considered by the City of Rockville  does not address locations.  These units are placed by the carrier where they believe extra coverage is needed.  

Verizon has indicated to City of Rockville staff that new antennas would likely be placed along the lower Rockville Pike area of the City and in Town Center.  These units are located on existing structures – buildings, utility poles, light poles, etc.  Under the proposal, they must be located at least 15 feet off the ground.  The proposed text amendment is shown below.  The City of Rockville planning staff says they plan to take this item before the Planning Commission for their review and comment on May 11, 2016.  The public hearing will likely be in early June.



  1. The City of Zombies.

  2. Ask WHY... A few years ago, the same Montgomery County Maryland, passed leglislation making it illegal to install cell towers on any school grounds in Montgomery County.... and at the same time... prohibited additional further installations at Fire Stations. Do your research on health dangers of cell towers... but get your results of your research from Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa - not the Unites States. In the U.S. the data is not accurate - it is tainted by lobby and bribe money. Also, do your research on how much money Rockville will receive every month from carriers for each one installed... An enormous source flow of money into City coffers. Pure greed - no care for public health.

    1. There is no such law prohibiting cell towers on public schools in Montgomery County, MD. In fact, the school system is about to install another one at Neelsville Middle School in Germantown.

      In addition, one of the reasons that cell carriers like to target public land is because they pay less than market value on the leases and skip on paying the property taxes. It's actually a loss for the municipality.


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