Sunday, March 20, 2016

County budget includes 7.5% increase in rain tax

From County Executive Leggett's recommended budget:
My FY17 recommended budget assumes a $95.00 rate for the Water Quality Protection Charge, a $6.60 increase from last year’s rate of $88.40.
It's only $6.60 but it's also a 7.5% increase.  

Will you be receiving a 7.5% raise this year?

Are your savings or investments earning 7.5% this year?

If you are retired, will your pension go up by 7.5% this year?

If you are receiving social security, will your social security income go up by 7.5% this year?

Why does Montgomery County charge far more in rain tax than any other county? 


  1. Whenever it rains on top of the hill
    At the edge of the capital city
    The residents of nearby Rockville
    View the atmosphere with pity.

  2. Q: Why does Montgomery County charge far more in rain tax than any other county?

    A: Because more development causes more runoff, due to impervious surfaces (buildings, asphalt, etc.). Developers want to increase their profits by not paying for the impact of their development and passing on those costs to taxpayers. Using those increased profits, in part, the development industry supplies 3 out of every 4 dollars (about $4M – $5M every four years) of campaign contributions in local elections (County Executive and County Council). The recipients of that money, Leggett, Leventhal, Floreen, Riemer, Rice, Navarro and Katz, then pass developer friendly legislation, that has taxpayers footing the developers’ bills. The exact same thing happens with all developer-impacted infrastructure, including schools, roads, police, fire, rescue, etc. Voters can do something about this in 2018.

  3. Sad and hypocritical that Montgomery County government refuses to pay the City of Rockville's stormwater utility fee

  4. rain tax is also unconstitutional under Maryland law. Sorry, Mr Omalley, thats what also cost your party the governorship, thank goodness.

    1. I agree, But if it's unconstitutional, how can Rockville and Montgomery County still charge for this?

    2. Because Montgomery County has more (of our) money to spend defending the tax than any of us are willing to spend to take the county to court.

      "Only the little people pay taxes" -- Leona Helmsley. (Also said quietly by Ike Leggett, but you weren't able to hear him.)

    3. You're right... Ike did something very similar with the Ambulance Fee.
      Leggett used over $100,000 of taxer payer money and MCFD time/overtime to convince citizens that the ambulance fee was a good thing. Then, citizens voted AGAINST the ambulance fee. Then Ike spent more taxpayer dollars to overturn the vote and twisted the County Council's arm to enact the fee.

    4. Harvard education champions in convoluted legislation.


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