Sunday, March 13, 2016

Montgomery County Civic Federation Meeting Mon, Mar 14th: It's Sunshine Week! Even in Montgomery County.

The Montgomery County Civic Federation is proud to participate in Sunshine Week which begins today! Tomorrow evening our program will be on the 'opendata Montgomery' websites. Please join us for an informal roundtable with lots of participation on how the publicly funded Montgomery County government is doing to open up government records. A representative from the Sunlight Foundation will also be participating. For more, go to our website.

DATE: Monday, March 14th
TIME: 7:45 pm
PLACE: Executive Office Building, Lobby Level Auditorium, 101 Monroe Street, Rockville


We will also be presenting a posthumous Community Hero award to Peter Murtha, founder of 350MoCo.  Mr. Murtha led the ongoing effort to divest the county's pension funds from fossil fuel companies that drive climate change. Currently MoCo's Employee Retirement System pension plans have over $65,000,000 invested in 65 of the world's 200 largest fossil fuel companies.

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