Thursday, June 16, 2016

Breaking: Planning Board Disapproves of Leggett's Purchase of 1000 Westmore Ave. for Bus Depot

But, at this evening's Montgomery County Planning Board hearing the public learned that County Executive Ike Leggett has already obtained a contract to purchase the Westmore site for $12 million.

The Planning Board's review this evening of the County's proposal to purchase the Westmore site was completely meaningless, as the County Executive has already sealed the deal.

A big Surprise for Lincoln Park residents! 
Westmore site contract already signed by County! 
Bus depot coming to your neighborhood. 

Breaking: Planning Board Staff Recommends Disapproval of 1000 Westmore Ave. as Bus Depot

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  1. Look how Leggett treats Brickyard v. Lincoln Park. Hard to believe people voted for him 3 times. I guess this is what you all want.


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