Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Leventhal on Bus Depot and the Shady Grove Sector Plan (VIDEO)

At a County Council meeting today, Councilmember George Leventhal said he will not support putting school buses at the Carver Education Services Center. His remarks were greeted with applause from many residents in the audience.
During his remarks at the dais, Leventhal also said he wishes he didn’t vote for the Shady Grove Sector Plan.
Find out more in this MyMCMedia Extra video:


  1. Leventhal is grandstanding... using this painful issue to kick off his bid for County Executive.

    Leventhal takes 60%+ of his campaign cash from developers (like EYA, purchaser of Crabs Branch Way site), who instigated the sale of the Shady Grove Bus Depot site, which has precipitated the very issue that Leventhal is claiming that he wants to solve.

    If, God forbid, Leventhal would ever be elected to County Executive, you can expect huge contributions from developers and Leventhal doing their bidding. He will demonstrate, as he often does, his true origins on the County Council, when he first rose to power on Developer-Duncan's "Endless Gridlock" coattails.

    1. How is this any different than what Leggett does? the voters do not want change, or that 'hopey changey' thing in Montgomery County. They want more of the same, I'd bet on it.

  2. I see CM Craig Rice has his attention focused on his cell phone during this discussion. Glad he doesn't represent me.


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