Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rockville demands bus depot input as county mulls options

ROCKVILLE – The city's elected members Tuesday asked Montgomery County Council President Nancy Floreen (D) for "a seat at the table" during the June 21 work session to discuss the future of the Shady Grove Bus Depot.
Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton and the four City Council members signed the June 14 letter requesting the County "formally coordinate with the City on the bus depot relocation discussions."
At stake is where to relocate more than 400 school buses parked at the Shady Grove Bus Depot. The County has to sign off on a Declaration of No Further Need before a residential developer could construct buildings on the site next year.
City Council members and the mayor also asked to be included in an interagency workgroup in order to help County officials "find a solution that is more cost-effective and strategic in location, and will not adversely impact existing neighborhoods."
"The lack of foresight, planning, and public process for this significant undertaking is disappointing," they said in the letter, adding County officials have known about it since at least the time of the 2003 draft of the Shady Grove Sector Plan...

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