Friday, June 10, 2016

Somerset ES Parents Fail to Raise Cash Needed for Plastic Grass, Will Get Plastic Anyway. Same Thing Happened at Wootton HS.

This is now twice that parent "foundations" have said they would raise the funds needed to pay for plastic grass playgrounds/fields, and twice the parents have not been able to raise the needed funds.

Somerset Elementary School was to raise $550,000 to pay for a green plastic playground for their school, but the actual cost of the field is far above that number.

Wootton High School parents also claimed they were going to raise funds to complete the purchase of a green plastic field at their school and they also fell short.  They fell short by $205,178.


  1. Slavin really "loves" children.

    1. That's right. He backs BOE candidates and heavily donated to this project. Apparently, he couldn't donate enough so the BOE is now going to have taxpayers chip in the rest, just as happened at Wootton High School.

      This is twice that Montgomery County citizens have been tricked into one of these fake "deals." The public will end up having to maintain and replace these fields as they are the property of the Board of Education.

  2. I am confused, who is now paying for the turf field at Somerset? MoCo taxpayers or will the money that the Somerset Foundation raised, which fell short of the cost, be directed to pay for the turf field?

    1. Really? Why are you confused?

      When one "falls short" someone ELSE must make us the shortfall OR one can not buy their desired item.

      In this case, just like at Wootton High School the taxpayers will make sure the parents get what they want, even if they can not afford it.

      At Wootton High School the parents made a big deal of fundraising, and then the artificial turf field still cost TAXPAYERS over $200,000+, and taxpayers are forever on the hook for the upkeep and replacement of the field.

      If you like being tricked, you will love these deals.

      Somerset parents failed to raise the money needed, but they will get a plastic playground anyway with taxpayers paying for the balance, upkeep and future replacement.

      Just like when the teen wants a car and parents tell the teen to save their own money. The teen doesn't save the money and the parent buys the car anyway. Same thing going on here with plastic playgrounds for the Green Zone of MCPS.

  3. Over what period of time were the PTAs supposed to raise the funds? I would think that even in a fairly well-off community, it would take several years.

    And at a downcounty school it probably would take decades...


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