Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PG School system adopts new policies after sexual abuse case roils community

...With the board’s action, the school system for the first time has an overarching policy on preventing sexual abuse, one that pushes for better handling of volunteers, background checks, school visitors, social media and abuse reporting. There also will be a mandate for annual staff training and reviews of curriculum content.

 The board also adopted a new policy on reporting abuse and another on inappropriate relationships between students and employees, volunteers and contractors.

The district’s revised volunteer policy got particular attention. That policy — significantly expanded from an earlier version — calls for procedures that will include background checks, training and “clear parameters for a volunteer’s access to and interaction with students at school.”
The policy on improper relationships says that volunteers “shall not date, have sexual relations or have an inappropriate relationship with any student” and directs school officials to create “a clear prohibition” on conduct that falls within that realm, including any communication of a sexual nature, giving students access to an employee’s social networks, or being alone with a student in a closed room or in a personal car....



  1. This is a step in the right direction, but the change should have been initiated in Annapolis.

  2. . "or being alone with a student in a closed room or in a personal car...." I believe the MC state's attorney office would take exception to that.

    1. There is a caveat that a parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or
      custody or responsibility for the supervision of the student cannot be in the vicinity.

    2. In other words, in order for the appropriate statute to apply the 'closed' room or 'personal' car must be located in the middle of nowhere.


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