Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Do Not Fall on These Parts of WJHS Field #GMAX #Concussions #HandyPocketGuide

Handy Pocket Guide of Where Not to Fall on the Walter Johnson Artificial Turf Field. Download or Print & Save.

Yesterday, Forbes reported on the condition of the Walter Johnson High School artificial turf field.  Forbes released the G-Max Test and Field Inspection Report that showed that the WJHS artificial turf field is now dangerous to use.  A player falling on this field is no longer falling on a soft, bouncy surface.  A player on this field is now falling on a surface that is very hard and can cause severe injury or potentially even death.

But, we know that Montgomery County Public Schools will continue to use this field for another 14 years because the "plan" is that each artificial turf field must last for 20 years.  As that is the "plan," we have developed a handy pocket guide for student athletes using the WJHS artificial turf field. 

This handy pocket guide should be given to football, lacrosse and soccer players at WJHS and at all of the schools (public and private) that will play against WJHS on this field or use this field.  

We know the Board of Education can not be bothered to deal with student safety, they have a MABE Ocean City vacation coming up to pack for! So we are doing our part for MCPS student athletes.  Print out this handy pocket guide and tell your student athlete to enjoy their next game at WJHS, but to just not fall down on the parts of the field marked with a red X.  Those parts of the field are way beyond the recommended hardness of an artificial turf field.

Also, warn your student athletes to make sure the field never gets to the GMAX level of 200. (Two areas of the WJHS field are already in the 190's.)
According to the chart below, OSHA says a GMAX of 200 "Will Cause Death."

Have a great game!


  1. Does the WJHS PTA to draw those red X's on their football field?

  2. I wonder if the coach even knows about this. or cares.

    1. Usually coaches sacrifice players for the sake of winning.
      Just as corporations sacrifice staff for the sake of profit.

    2. Coaches can voice concern or opinion but in the end this is a combination Athletic Director/Principal decision to play or not play on the turf, not to mention the head of MCPS Athletics. Even a referee can determine a field in unacceptable condition.

  3. So how was the turnout for sports this year? Didn't one of the principals complain last year about parents not letting their kids play football?

    1. @8:38 PM, at which school?


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