Friday, September 30, 2016

111 Cell Towers Coming to Townhomes + Homes in Germantown, North Potomac, Gaithersburg + Rockville CHECK THE LIST for your yard, school playground or park.

Potomac, MD front yard 
The October 5, 2016, Montgomery County Transmission Facility Coordinating Group shows 111 front yard/back yard cell towers coming to the Germantown, North Potomac, Gaithersburg and Rockville areas of Montgomery County.

Homeowners, have you receive notice of these construction projects?  The meeting is October 5th and the locations listed on this Agenda are set to be approved to move forward.  Check the list for your home or neighborhood schools location.

WUSA9: 3rd grade Silver Spring teacher allegedly touched students inappropriately

Maryvale ES + City of Rockville + Storage Facility: [City] Council members who voted in favor of the [Zoning] Text Amendment primarily cited an interest in protecting public safety, specifically as it related to children.


This case comes to this Court as an appeal by Siena Corporation (“Siena”), a Maryland corporation, and Rockville North Land, LLLP, a Maryland limited liability limited partnership, appellants, regarding the adoption of Zoning Text Amendment TXT2015-00239 (“Text Amendment”) by the Mayor and Council of Rockville (“the City”), appellee. On February 26, 2015, Siena filed a complaint (“Complaint”) in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County alleging that the purpose of adopting Zoning Text Amendment TXT2015-00239 was to prevent the construction of a proposed self-storage facility. On the same day, Siena filed a petition for judicial review (“Petition”).
During the Petition proceeding on May 5, 2015, the City filed the “Administrative Agency Record.” Siena responded by filing a notice of failure to file complete record and a motion to compel filing of the record, production of the record, and to compel discovery. Also on May 5, 2015, the City filed a motion to dismiss Siena’s Petition. On May 12, 2015, Siena filed a motion to consolidate the Complaint and the Petition. On August 19, 2015, the City’s motion to dismiss was granted because the circuit court found that the Text Amendment was a legislative action rather than a quasi-judicial decision, and therefore, not properly before the court. The motion to consolidate was subsequently denied as moot. Siena appealed on September 17, 2015...

...For the reasons stated below, we affirm the judgment of the circuit court...

TN: Police say he admitted to secretly recording videos of girls changing inside a closet at Napier Elementary School

Jones had placed a recording device resembling a thumb drive in the music room’s closet, where he would bring some of his female students to change clothes before school plays or choir performances, according to the affidavit.

Churchill, Blair High School, Bells Mill and Takoma Park Middle MCPS Wi-Fi Health Risks

Thursday, September 29, 2016

June 2016: Montgomery County police charge 3rd-grade MCPS teacher with sex abuse

A “body safety” class for elementary school students in Montgomery County prompted an 11-year-old girl to report how a longtime teacher at the school allegedly had been improperly touching her for 18 months, according to recently filed court documents.

The girl’s disclosure led to a police investigation, which led to county detectives speaking with the girl and with a friend. On Monday, police charged third-grade teacher John Vigna, 49, with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and five counts of third-degree sexual offense, authorities said.
Vigna had taught at Cloverly Elementary School for 24 years before being put on administrative leave this year. He also helped run an after-school computer club and the school’s student safety patrol.

According to a police document filed in court Monday, Vigna forced one of the students to sit on his lap and held her there when she tried to leave. He also allegedly squeezed her buttocks at times when she hugged him goodbye. With the other student, Vigna is alleged to have improperly rubbed her while hugging her.
“I know that you agree that the behavior alleged in the charging document is both disturbing and disappointing,” Melissa Brunson, Cloverly’s principal, wrote in a letter to students’ parents Monday, adding that such actions “will not be tolerated or ignored.”..

Mont. Co. BOE Credit Card Bill Climbs to $7.2 Million

FY 2016: MCPS Payments to Vendors that received over $25,000 in fiscal year.

Here's how the Board of Education spent some of your tax dollars in Fiscal Year 2016. 
This is not a complete list of expenditures. This is only a list of vendors where payments were made over $25,000, as required to be made public by the Maryland Funding and Transparency Act.

For fun, take some of these vendors' names and see if you can find evidence of them in Board of Education minutes. Do you find votes of the Board of Education approving this spending?  Some of them will show up, others won't.

The highlighted vendors are just to pick out a few that might be of interest.

Let us know what you find of interest on this FY 2016 list.  Use the comments section below to let us know what you find.

We note that while the existence of personal MCPS credit cards was exposed to the public years ago, the use of these unregulated, unaudited credit cards has increased. 

( FY 2015 list can be found here, FY 2013 list can be found here,  FY 2012 list can be found here. FY2011 list can be found here. FY2010 list can be found here.
Dustin Construction Inc $45,593,768
Hess Construction and Engineering Services Inc $33,651,253
Oak Contracting LLC $29,827,230
Banc of America Public Capital Corp $27,793,165
WGL Energy Services Inc $15,529,894
American Truck & Bus Inc $15,454,198
Pepco $11,348,848
Sheppard Pratt Health System Inc $9,208,178
CDW Government LLC $8,317,376
JPMorgan Chase Bank. N.A. (Personal Credit Cards) $7,230,236
Shapiro & Duncan Inc $6,030,572
Mansfield Oil Co $5,914,823
Ivymount School $5,658,466
Keller Construction Management LLC $5,142,264
Paramount Mechanical Corp $5,088,971
Mallick Plumbing & Heating Inc $4,480,282
The Foundation Schools $4,241,200
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission $4,138,671
Kennedy Krieger Education and Community Services Inc $4,124,554
Dairy Maid Dairy LLC $3,631,424
RCC1545 LLC $3,605,114
AIG Retirement Services Company $3,442,555
EMJAY Engineering and Construction Company Inc $3,322,390
Henley Construction Co Inc $3,213,501
Walker Willis Corp $2,739,378
Exelon Corporation $2,725,169
Treatment & Learning Centers Inc $2,602,104
Meridian Construction Co Inc $2,533,781
Verizon Maryland Inc $2,472,212
Washington Gas Light Company $2,301,080
Douron Inc $2,241,513
McGrath RentCorp $2,059,598
Interstate Corporation $1,998,800
Bell TechLogix Inc $1,987,641
Data Networks of America Inc $1,796,531
Dell Financial Services LLC $1,789,879
HLFB Inc $1,788,707
Veritiv Operating Company $1,726,910
Prevost Construction Co $1,685,720
Pro-Air Inc $1,668,737
Community Support Services $1,668,275
Benedictine School $1,640,178
Dell Marketing LP $1,518,942
Alarm Tech Solutions LLC $1,508,466
Cole Roofing Co Inc $1,456,559
M&M Welding & Fabricators $1,446,839
Ross Contracting Inc $1,440,329
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children $1,431,050
RDA Corporation $1,399,610
American Tennis Courts Inc $1,360,780
Rolyn Companies Inc $1,354,135
Guest Services Inc $1,281,067
Urban N Zink Contractor Inc $1,278,140
Walton Madden Cooper Robinson Poness Inc $1,248,772
HCGI Hartford Inc $1,218,783
Brook Lane Health Services Inc $1,182,731
Reginald S Lourie Center for Infants & Young Children Inc $1,172,003
Finley Asphalt & Sealing Inc $1,157,903
Samaha Associates PC $1,148,419
DuBois Construction Inc $1,129,625
S Freedman & Sons Inc $1,129,429
Netcom Technologies Inc $1,129,365
AdvancePierre Foods Inc $1,108,249
Rasix Computer Center Inc $1,100,074
Moseley Architects PC $1,091,656
Smolen Emr Ilkovitch Architects $1,057,958
R D Bean Inc $1,025,088
Keller Brothers Inc $978,873
Orndorff & Spaid Inc $977,691
Potomac Edison $963,270
Metro Metal Services Inc $946,146
Capitol Document Solutions LLC $922,951
Pathways Schools $916,024
Pearson Education Inc $903,603
Shorehaven Inc $896,813
OfficeMax North America Inc $890,114
Specialized Education of MD, Inc $854,074
Standard Stationery Supply Co $853,738
Carney, Kelehan, Bresler, Bennett & Scherr LLP $833,671
Brinjac Engineering Inc- A Nelson Company $829,934
Ridge School $825,457
Performance Controls LLC $818,617
State of Maryland $770,112
Northwest Evaluation Association $762,909
Grimm & Parker Architecture Inc $743,287
Baker & Taylor Inc $733,649
NCS Pearson Incorporated $714,756
Royalle Dining Services Inc $714,348
Roy Kirby & Sons Inc $713,114
Storm Water Management Facilities Repair Group Inc $712,263
Maggin Construction Co Inc $710,573
William F Klingensmith Inc $700,912
Dori Foods Inc $696,778
Apex Companies LLC $691,637
Superior Supply Ltd $690,908
Towson Mechanical Inc $688,090
Mitel Business Systems Inc $681,268
Playground Specialists Inc $680,225
Unisource Services LLC $641,907
GWWO Inc $636,003
Tyson Foods Inc $635,986
Southern Insulation Inc $621,420
Fitz Flooring LLC $613,930
Giorgio Foods Inc $605,491
H & S Bakery Inc $602,671
B W Wilson Paper Company Inc $591,504
Delmar Architects PA $590,595
Daikin Applied Americas Inc $574,372
K Neal International Trucks Inc $570,277
Amplify Education Inc $568,754
Hood College $564,960
Pyramid Paper Company $560,229
Tilley Chemical Co Inc $560,069
Comcast $555,096
KCI Technologies Inc $543,662
St Elizabeth School $539,780
McGraw-Hill Education Inc $537,993
Saint Coletta of Greater Washington Inc $514,546
Colossal Contractors Inc $512,611
Potomac Disposal Inc $512,494
Union Packaging LLC $511,838
Atlantech Online Inc $503,454
Kellogg Sales Co $496,815
Consolidated Commercial Services $493,650
The Kingsbury Center Inc $483,178
Xerox Corporation $480,932
Peterson Farm Fresh Inc $480,724
BGE $480,281
Follett School Solutions Inc $479,544
Performance Matters LLC $477,600
Weyer's Floor Service Inc $472,137
McCain Foods USA Inc $471,852
School Specialty Inc $467,832
Boland Trane Services Inc $466,320
Modular Space Corporation $462,626
James Posey Associates Inc $460,611
House of the Good Shepherd of the City of Baltimore $452,948
Clinton Learning Solutions LLC $447,787
ConAgra Food Sales Inc $444,447
General Mills Finance Inc $443,759
Scholastic Inc $442,745
VSC Fire and Security Inc $440,917
DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP $432,651
McDaniel College Inc $429,207
Form Plastics Company $419,128
Lab School Of Washington $412,751
Tex-Am Construction Co Inc $410,424
Elcon Enterprises Inc $408,946
AT&T Mobility II LLC $404,701
Verizon Wireless $404,111
Rich Product Corp $399,901
J.G. Parks & Son $399,642
Johnson Truck Center LLC $399,196
The Tree House Inc $398,471
Steel Products Inc $389,065
Service Tire Truck Center Inc $385,377
Mythics Inc $382,913
Smith & Haines Inc $376,822
Grafton School Inc $376,006
Gale/Cengage Learning $373,591
Thompson, John $373,501
Building Automation Services Inc $372,876
Kingmor Supply Inc $370,622
Monocacy Custom Services Inc $368,675
Control Sources LLC $362,741
EIS Office Solutions Inc $359,732
Morneau Shepell SBC Limited $358,300
The Learning Center for the Deaf Inc $358,209
Coughlan Companies Inc $345,662
Phillips Programs $340,840
M&T Bank $335,000
Scantron Corporation $331,440
International Baccalaureate $331,429
Empire Landscape LLC $331,081
Nardone Brothers Baking Company Inc $330,753
Eagleton School Inc $320,681
Recovery Point Systems Inc $320,580
Procom Corporation $317,214
J & L Services Inc $313,315
Hord Coplan Macht Inc $311,780
Blackboard Connect Inc $310,704
Dant Clayton Corporation $308,477
Lakeshore Equipment Company $304,820
Language Line Services $302,446
Jeffrey A Krew LLC $302,019
Riverside Paper Supply $295,460
Maxim Healthcare Services Inc $295,020
AON Consulting Inc $285,573
Perfection Learning Corporation $284,270
Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems $280,000
BSN Sports $276,898
Groff Tractor & Equipment Inc $274,505
Discovery Education Inc $268,263
Intellias Inc $266,153
W W Grainger Inc $264,838
Lukmire Partnership Inc $264,014
Harbour School $263,542
Let's Do Lunch Inc $262,992
The K Group Architects $262,131
Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland Inc $260,000
1788/Shady Grove 31 LLC $258,095
United States Postal Service $253,790
Hadley Farms Inc $252,589
Microsoft Corporation $252,305
The Matthews Group Inc $249,943
Promethean Inc $247,500
Amber Enterprises Inc $244,386
Mid-Atlantic AG Consulting $242,250
Infor (US) Inc $240,141
Weiss Bros of Hagerstown Inc $240,120
Glennco Inc $239,427
Yoti N N & Associates Inc $238,890
B & H Foto & Electronics Corp $235,657
Silver Screen East Inc $227,154
University of Maryland $225,045
Sempco Inc $224,669
Acme Paper & Supply Co Inc $224,481
Boiler & Furnace Cleaners Inc $222,036
Fisher Scientific Company $221,689
National Rehabilitation Hospital Inc $220,000
Diversified Educational Systems Inc $217,648
Air Filter Maintenance Inc $211,507
Canon Solutions America Inc $209,824
City Of Rockville $209,223
Oracle America Inc $207,700
Board Of Education Prince George's $206,646
Cengage Learning Inc $206,639
Williams Scotsman Inc $206,184
Dawkins Management Inc $206,086
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company $206,070
Pleasants Construction Inc $205,412
Building Dynamics LLC $204,172
MPS Healthcare Inc $204,141
Montgomery College $201,963
Metis Associates Inc $200,000
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc $197,372
Automotive Support Services Inc $195,867
Berliner Specialty Distributor $191,968
Brickman Group Holdings Inc $188,947
Unitec Distribution Systems Inc $187,796
Game Day Inc $186,609
Lend Lease (US) Construction Inc $186,229
C. N. Robinson Lighting Supply Co Inc $186,005
Envy Brands $185,747
ProQuest LLC $185,404
Naviance Inc $183,886
Johns Hopkins University $183,856
Gaithersburg Farmers Supply Inc $182,199
Sky Blue Foods LLC $180,966
Holtzbrinck Publishers LLC $179,071
Apple Inc $178,782
Criswell Chevrolet Inc $177,116
Greenwood Publishing Group Inc $176,152
Calfed Financial Corp $175,707
Research For Better Teaching $174,255
Double K Contractors Inc $173,870
HMH Supplemental Publishers Inc $172,725
Baptist Convention of MD/DE $170,337
The Maryland School for the Blind $169,759
Sun Edison LLC $167,947
Okapi Educational Publishing Inc $166,268
Benchmark Education Company LLC $165,411
National Children's Center Inc $162,372
Episcopal Center For Children $162,303
Northern Virginia Supply Inc $160,971
Rescue One Training for Life Inc $160,800
Secure Medical Care $160,670
Calico Industries Inc $158,639
Modern Door & Equipment Sales Inc $158,474
Moseley Architects of Maryland Inc $157,762
Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates Inc $157,100
SHI International Corp $156,662
Lee, Ivin $156,556
Aztech Datasystems Inc $156,458
Newlawns Inc $156,128
Maryland Unemployment Ins Adm $153,534
Linwood Childrens Center Inc $152,914
Johnson & Towers Inc $150,984
Alban Engineering Inc $150,410
College Entrance Examination Board $149,117
WestEd $148,387
M B Limited Partnership $146,786
S&E Paper Inc $145,451
The George B Thomas Sr Learning Academy Inc $144,595
E.A.R.N Contractors Inc $144,477
Blackboard Inc $144,272
Chelsea School $143,472
Gartner Inc $142,480
SMS Systems Maintenance Services Inc $141,101
Nasco $140,906
Wenger Corporation $140,348
J.S.B Industries Inc $140,232
Board of Child Care of the United Methodist Church Inc $140,034
Asbestos Specialists Inc $139,916
Woods Services Inc $139,463
Enernoc Inc $138,600
Carolina Biological Supply Co $138,163
JK Architects & Associates $137,345
Radon Control Professionals Inc $136,900
Community Products LLC $136,364
Cain Contracting Inc $133,963
Data Recognition Corporation $133,447
Riverside Publishing Company $130,951
East West Telecommunications Inc $130,871
Sweeney Brothers Inc $130,198
McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc $130,121
Zeager Brothers Inc $129,869
Phonak Inc $129,019
Guitar Center Stores Inc $128,159
WB Mason Company Inc $127,833
Jenkins Services LLC $127,714
Montgomery Title Company LLC $126,900
Community Foundation for the National Capital Region $125,631
JTM Provisions Company Inc $125,124
Land O'Lakes Inc $124,786
Board of Education of Baltimore County $123,299
FWD Media Inc $122,806
Advoserv Programs Inc $122,448
Ashland Equipment Inc. $121,556
M R Enterprises Inc $121,331
RK Payroll Solutions Inc $119,278
Pritchett Controls Inc $119,096
Project Lead The Way Inc $117,019
Tseng, Paul $115,263
Cox Subscriptions Inc $114,873
Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc $114,278
Norton Land Design LLC $113,185
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP $113,000
Summit Lake Camp $110,346
Technology Resource Associates Inc $109,698
Deb's Diversified Industries Inc $108,304
Herman Born & Sons Inc $107,733
H Schrier & Company Inc $106,898
Wazzle llc $106,700
Delta-T Group Maryland Inc $106,236
High Liner Foods Inc $105,759
Hearing and Speech Agency of $104,770
S & S Tire Service,Inc $104,076
Jennie-O Turkey Store LLC $103,526
AFP Industries Inc $102,266
Alan Tye & Associates LC $101,585
Hogan Lovells US LLP $101,422
The Children's Guild Inc $100,949
C.A.S Industries Inc $100,900
Heartland Payment Systems Inc $100,111
Asmar, Schor & McKenna $99,672
Home Health Connection Inc $99,015
Curriculum Associates LLC $98,909
EMH Environmental Inc $96,980
Nobis Engineering Inc $96,369
Meridian Surveys Inc $96,365
National Compadres Network Inc $95,700
Singh Operational Services Inc $95,201
DS Services of America Inc $95,136
Hercules Fence Of Maryland LLC $94,821
Leidos Inc $91,556
Systcom Inc $91,250
J&J Snack Food Sales Corp $90,323
Espina Paving Inc $89,953
Tito Contractors Inc $88,511
Bob McCloskey Agency LLC $87,959
Criswell Performance Cars Inc $86,088
Food Pro Corp $85,527
Omnibus Trading Corporation $85,501
Interstate Office Supply $85,456
T L Garden & Associates Inc $84,014
Strathmore Hall Foundation Inc $84,000
Really Good Stuff Inc $83,754
Daboter Inc $83,474
Towson State University $81,157
TRI Rehab of Germantown Inc $80,711
Mackin Book Co $79,929
Scholastic Library Publishing $78,828
Leonard Paper Co $77,411
Gipe Associates Inc $76,680
Washington Music Sales Center Inc $76,251
Para-Med Medical Transportation Inc $76,240
Bowman Sales & Equipment Inc $76,075
Apple Ford Inc $75,933
CA Inc $75,815
Apex Learning Inc $75,745
Best Battery Company Inc $75,676
Sprint Communications Company LP $75,516
Tri-State Battery & Auto Electric Inc $74,036
iParadigms LLC $73,947
Maryland Association of Boards of Education $73,663
Performance Food Group Inc $72,622
BMR Inc $72,417
Clancy Law LLC $72,369
G E Richards Graphics of Maryland $72,242
NSDAR Treasurer General $72,000
Heartline Fitness Products Inc $71,394
MHC Software Inc $71,230
J E Wood & Sons Co Inc $69,546
Vista Higher Learning Inc $69,039
Proffitt & Associates Architects PC $67,556
Lindsay Ford LLC $67,335
Edvotek Inc $66,614
Crisis Prevention Institute Inc $66,455
Maryland Fire Equipment Corp $66,327
T M Auto Truck Wholesale $65,600
Banner Glass Inc $65,391
Family Advocacy Services LLC $65,118
Copiers Plus Inc $65,000
Rehabilitation Equipment Professionals Inc $64,945
National Food Group Inc $64,804
Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. $64,637
Adventist HealthCare Inc $64,544
Laniado Wholesale Corporation $63,796
Jasper Engine Exchange Inc $63,586
Rosen Publishing Group $63,519
Transilwrap Co Inc $63,435
Oxford University Press $62,652
Feesers Inc $62,497
Utah Youth Village $62,317
Identity Inc $62,083
Praesidium Inc $62,000
Ferguson Enterprises Inc $61,345
Associated Catholic Charities Inc $60,912
US Modular Group East Inc $60,490
Marriott Foundation For People $60,000
Professional Sportscare & Rehab LLC $60,000
Sheffield Pottery Inc $59,484
Starpower Communications LLC $59,400
Intac Inc $59,345
LEGO Brand Retail Inc $58,135
Funds For Learning LLC $58,000
Interboro Packaging Corp $57,955
ABDO Publishing Company $57,670
National Center On Institution & Alternatives $57,535
TJ Distributors Inc $57,481
Liberty Lock & Security Inc $57,173
SafeSchools LLC $56,250
TA / Western LLC $55,545
General Automotive Servicenter Inc $55,350
Chesapeake Treatment Centers $55,308
Regency Cab Inc $55,216
Amtek Company Inc $54,223
Out of The Shell LLC $54,144
American Reprographics Inc $53,620
Board of Education of Frederick County $53,208
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics $52,547
MWB Architects PC $52,197
American Air Filter Company Inc $52,107
ATC Healthcare Services Inc $52,081
Cambium Learning Inc $51,250
The Arrow Project $51,180
Michigan Dessert Corporation $51,145
Acer Service Corporation $49,818
Imagine Learning Inc $49,765
Ricoh USA Inc $49,515
Great Books Foundation $49,491
Barnes Construction & Excavating LLC $49,465
East Coast Welding and Construction Co Inc $49,460
THC Enterprises Inc $48,850
R & S Auto & Truck Spring Works Inc $48,539
IBM Corporation $48,282
Wave Fabrications Inc $48,258
AVID Center $48,236
Howard County Public School System $48,180
Invo Healthcare Associates LLC $48,162
Todays Office Solutions Inc $48,138
CJ Washington ST LLC $47,923
Tasty Brands LLC $47,868
Morgan's Inc $46,546
School Datebooks Inc $46,364
W. B. Hunt Co., Inc $45,685
OfficeMax $45,403
Rockville Color LLC $45,079
Flowers Foods Inc $44,407
Ridgefield Brand Corporation $44,388
Super Duper Incorporated $44,345
Flinn Scientific Inc $43,753
Vital Signs LLC $43,466
Ark Systems Inc $42,835
A B Veirs & Sons Inc $42,623
Winkelman, Kirk W $42,590
Audio Visual Innovations Inc $42,454
United Electric Supply Company Inc $42,156
Caring Nurses Services Inc $42,084
Marzetti Frozen Pasta Inc $41,948
Eyre Bus Service Inc $41,684
Security Equipment Company $41,650
Criswell Nissan of Germantown LLC $41,328
Mental Health Association Of Montgomery County $41,250
Theater Services Inc $40,700
Nicholas P. Pipino Associates Inc $40,620
University Of Maryland Foundation $40,557
Bottomline Technologies $40,538
Vanguard Modular Building Systems LLC $40,512
Carroll County $40,486
Growing Solutions LLC $40,390
Schneider Electric IT USA Inc $40,163
Maryland Music Educators Assoc $40,146
National Speech & Language Therapy Center Inc $40,005
Rodriguez, Kathleen M $39,990
Jostens Inc $39,773
Multi-Health Systems Inc $39,692
Blick Art Materials LLC $39,280
Maxxess Systems Inc $39,073
Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents $38,880
ECRA Group Incorporated $38,718
James River Bus Lines $38,265
Puebla Construction Inc $38,108
Venable LLP $37,742
Total Kitchen Care LLC $37,600
Mondo Publishing Inc $37,371
Sidus Group LLC $37,275
Maryland School For The Deaf $37,055
Muse Architects PC $36,750
eSchool Solutions LLC $36,706
MA Cecil & Associates Inc $36,680
White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing Inc $36,561
AmeriGas Propane LP $36,321
Lighting Maintenance Inc $36,193
Home Depot USA Inc $36,089
Midwest Shop Supplies Inc $36,013
Reliability Contractors Inc $35,972
The Selma M Levine School of Music $35,950
JR Simplot Company $35,734
Tumbleweed Press Inc $35,630
Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC $35,592
Vernier Software & Technology LLC $35,382
United Solutions LLC $34,813
Gini-Newman, Garfield $34,808
TOTAL Contracting Inc $34,770
Liberty's Promise $34,675
Parlights Inc $34,473
WLR Automotive Group Inc $34,246
Lakeland Holdings LLC $34,020
Solutex Inc $33,758
Barnes & Noble Booksellers Inc $33,543
CCG Systems Inc $33,337
Service Photo Supply Inc $33,241
LRP Publications $33,228
Haggerty, John $33,220
Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC $33,005
Dual Core LLC $32,894
American Combustion Industries Inc $32,672
Myco Incorporated $32,621
Middleton & Meads Co Inc $32,196
Taylor Security & Lock Company Inc $31,486
USC Canterbury Corp $31,470
Anne Arundel Co Public School $31,316
The Rockmont Motor Company Inc $31,254
Atlantic Door Control $30,975
Renewable Choice Energy Inc $30,820
Musical Source Inc $30,512
School & Office Services Inc $30,498
Rolling Doors Of Maryland Inc $30,314
Washington County Board of Education $30,135
SOASTA Inc $30,000
Graybar Electric Company Inc $29,693
Scott Electric $29,458
Hyman, Andrew J $29,446
Attainment Company $29,267
Facts On File Inc $29,115
Kerley Signs Inc $28,745
Oriental Trading Co Inc $28,602
Falcon Security $28,600
Florida League Of IB Schools $28,480
Pasco Scientific $28,439
FPC Distribution $28,233
Taylor Music Inc $27,888
Supreme Medical Fulfillment Systems Inc $27,850
Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland Inc $27,800
Construction Consultants Assoc $27,720
School Health Corporation $27,671
Bay Valley Foods LLC $27,668
Infinity Nursing Services Inc $27,542
Trans Time Express $27,302
Prompt Institute Inc $27,300
Ektron Inc $27,117
West Publishing Corp $27,082
Learning A-Z LLC $27,015
Tomra Compaction LLC $26,407
Daycon Products Co Inc $26,346
Stark & Keenan, A Professional Assocation $26,215
Snap-On Industrial $26,102
Read Naturally Inc $26,027
Simpson of Maryland Inc $25,965
Greenman-Pedersen Inc $25,762
Commissioners Of Poolesville $25,651
ABC CLIO Inc $25,561
Takoma Tree Experts Inc $25,507
Cantwell Cleary Company $25,416
Dorsey, Latisa T $25,291