Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MCPS sent letter home today AFTER @ABC7News inquired about case. Stanback recently worked at Paint Branch HS, Mont. Village MS + Clemente MS


  1. The eloquent letter does not mention that MCPS failed miserably in vetting the individual in order to ensure the "safety and security" of the students.

  2. So is this part of the coverup that "promoted" Khadija Barkley to the George B Thomas School.....she was the principal of Clemente in this same time period.....

    1. How do we know when he worked at RCMS?

      Her "promotion" could also be related to that fiasco where a child accused a substitute of inappropriate behavior on 9/30, for which he was arrested on 10/15 and the RCMS community wasn't informed until 11/7! ...or the general ill will created within the ranks of the faculty / staff ...or the downward spiral and systematic dismantling of the RCMS premiere Highly-Gifted Centers for which she had no love or pride... ...or the loss of control gained by the superlative previous principal...

      Or maybe she just wanted something different?


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