Monday, October 10, 2016

Parent brings suicide prevention program to Blake HS after two deaths

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  1. When will MCPS coordinate with the CDC for suicide data sharing and prevention, like almost all
    the other top school districts in the US? Parents, if your high school did not participate in Columbus day open house (the only day of the year when parents are invited to see their kids in the classroom) please raise this. The purposeful exclusion of parents from the chance to get info, and against MCPS's own policies must stop. Churchill - two suicides this spring - school secretary said Churchill does not participate in Columbus day open house and hung up on at least one parent inquiring. Some parents took the day off to see their child at school and were told there was no open house at Churchill. Parents could have viewed for themselves whether their child was comfortable, etc. If this happened at Blake, then action should be taken to prevent schools from failing to comply with the already bare boned inclusion of parents. Also to be raised - why "counselors" focus the majority of their time being helicopter college spoonfeeders vs. spending their time with students in need/in trouble/reading up on best practices/encouraging their school to follow MCPS guidelines, such as participating in Columbus day open house. The CDC tracks suicides on a per school basis...


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