Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Board of Education REVERSES Ban on cell Towers at Elementary Schools #tricked #vendors1st

Daly Elementary School playground (Red Zone/Title 1)
Remember back in 2012, when the Board of Education instituted a ban on cell towers on elementary school playgrounds? Well, it is 2016, and that ban is over.

Our "new" Board of Education is in place and the "old" Board of Education practices are back in use.

Tomorrow, the Agenda for the Montgomery County Tower Committee shows that the Board of Education is going to permit a LARGER cell tower to be built on to the Daly Elementary School cell tower.

You remember the Daly cell tower? That's the one the PTA and neighbors OPPOSED, but the Board of Education built anyway.

Get ready MCPS elementary schools! This opens up ALL elementary school playgrounds to new cell towers! The 2012 ban on cell towers is gone. Read: MCPS Bans Cell Towers at Elementary Schools: Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland

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