Monday, January 23, 2017

MCPS Parent on Minnesota Rock the Schools: Child Sexual Abuse in Schools #PassingtheTrash #grooming #mcps #CodeofConduct

About Rock The Schools with Citizen Stewart
Hosted by: Chris Stewart
Executive Producer: Monique Linder
Stewart’s mission with “Rock The Schools” is to “create a greater educational opportunity for black communities by grounding the school reform debate in black history and transformative black thought.” Stewart believes “this is done by challenging the dominant trope of anti-school reform activism, and illustrating connections between the liberationist principles of yesterday’s black struggles, and today’s education proposals (e.g. “privatization,” school choice, and charter schools).” Stewart’s tag “Public education for an educated public” begs the question of accountability.

About MCPS parent Jennifer Alvaro

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  1. However 'A fish rots from the head down'


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