Thursday, March 30, 2017

This case concerns FieldTurf’s numerous broken promises made to their customers regarding an artificial turf product it launched in 2005, which it advertised as revolutionary and more durable than anything on the market. These were lies.

Another government body stands up to protect citizens and children from defective artificial turf.  This is the same artificial turf that is currently in use at Walter Johnson High School and Richard Montgomery High School, and was just removed from Montgomery Blair High School.

Remember in Montgomery County, MD we are progressive, and progressives do not enforce warranties or care about defective products from no bid procurements.  


  1. Was it "Removed' from Blair, or "replaced"? I was there a couple weeks ago and they were working late into the evening spreading huge bags of something pinkish/burgandyish and then brushing/grooming it. Seems they were getting a brand new crumb rubber field

    1. Right. When you get the answer let the public know. There has been no public process. No public bidding. No public discussion. No public accountability for this public land.

  2. Yes, we are progressive
    Doesn't sound impressive
    Change we bring about
    That makes you wanna shout.


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