Thursday, April 27, 2017

NBC4 reports on Parents Speaking Out on Cell Tower proposed for High School

Prince George's County parents speaking out at a meeting this week on Rushern Baker's no bid, no public input, no transparency or accountability cell tower deal with Milestone Communications. Milestone Communications is one of the sponsors of all of the Board of Education vacations to Ocean City every year and gave $5,000 to a ballot initiative of Rushern Baker's.
The Ocean City vacations for board members are arranged through MABE the board of education club run by Frances Glendenning. Milestone Communications is a no bid sponsor of the MABE organization and gets to advertise and have meetings with board members out of public view. (Insert music to "It's a Small World").

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  1. I go to a west county school. There is a cellphone tower right across the street, but yet there is not any reception in parts of the building, and reception is poor overall. Having a cell tower on top of a school could actually give the students access to social media (school wifi blocks it)


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