Thursday, May 4, 2017

BOE Members Want More Cell Towers at Schools @jill4allkids @RebeccaOnBoard @mocoboe

Montgomery County Board of Education members want more cell towers on school property.  Over the last 10 years, MCPS parents have vehemently protested proposals to build cell towers on school
land.  The BOE is obviously sick of hearing from parents and is now just going to push through cell tower proposals without hearing from parents. 

Up next is a new cell tower for Northwest High School, only this time the Board of Education is not going to bother with building a monopole for the cell transmission equipment.  This time the cell tower equipment is going to be installed directly on to the school building, just like City of Baltimore schools.

The Montgomery County Tower Committee will rubber stamp this Board of Education construction plan on May 10th, clearing the way for construction.


  1. No Dead Zones allowed!

  2. Yup. Just another way for the BOE to be sneaky about how they get the funding to Mr Barclay can go back to his San Francisco lobster dinners.


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