Monday, May 8, 2017

BOE Sacrifices Teacher to Give Smith Buddy $50K #NoBid #Consultant

The above screen shot if from the May 9, 2017, Board of Education consent agenda.  Obviously, no schools need teachers!  The Board of Education is happy to pay $50,000 to another no bid, no clue why this person is needed consultant.$file/Contracts%2025K%20or%20More%20170509.pdf

Superintendent Jack Smith has been associated with Katheryn Gemberling for many years.

In fact, Jack Smith brought Gemberling in as a consultant for himself last year.  Now she is going to "consult" for the MCPS Chief Financial Officer.$file/Contracts%2025K%20or%20More%20160825%20Revised.pdf 

MCPS, where consultants are always funded before teachers. 

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  1. Does Jack know that we have the internet here in MoCo? It's easy to trace his relationship with Gemberling and Performance Matters. It goes all the way back to their time in Calvert together. They've event presented at conferences together.


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