Thursday, June 1, 2017

Silver Chips: A night in the life of Blair's resident house party bouncer

Protecting the party

by Pedraam Faridjoo, Staff Writer
Loud rap music blasts throughout the house, the floor vibrating on account of the bass. A soft haze has settled around packed rooms that were nearly vacant only an hour ago. Bottles of alcohol adorn the messy counters and tables around which laughing teenagers converse. This is a typical night for many students who choose to party on the weekend, with the exception of a single individual standing by the door attentively. Dressed in all black, Bruce's imposing figure stands out. Bruce is a bouncer. He's been tasked with keeping the party safe by preventing unwanted guests from getting inside, and taking care of whatever potentially harmful situations that may arise...

...At around 10:00 p.m., just as the party is getting started, two situations occur. First, a drunk girl punches another partygoer in the face, igniting a quickly escalating altercation. Bruce is able to rush in amidst the rapid insults traded between the two individuals and break things up before anything worse can happen. After leading them off in different directions, he is only afforded a moment of respite before getting to work again.

When two squad cars approach the home, Bruce and the host announce that "the cops are here," and usher as many people possible downstairs. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Panicked teenagers begin to pour out through the side door and windows, dispersing throughout the otherwise quiet neighborhood. The police remain parked out in front and unbeknownst to most guests, are unable to come inside. Bruce steps out and approaches them...

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  1. Beacon on a hill in the day, trailblazing in the night.


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