Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MCPS: Remove student names from data collection

...But there’s one place where students still expect confidentiality: the counselor’s office.
MCPS is threatening this privacy with a countywide initiative this year to collect data about how students use the counseling office. The counselor’s office now requires, due to a MCPS mandate, students to sign in with their student ID number and the reason for their visit...


  1. Brave new world, compliments of STEM.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's a vicious circle created inadvertently by our best and brightest. In turn, the aforementioned abuse the plethora of available high tech toys to achieve their aspirations.

    3. The Board of Education wants these comments deleted.

      The Whitman student article is about students asking the Board of Education to remove the requirement that their names and ID numbers be collected by the counseling office.

      How about we make a deal? I have removed my comment, now the Board of Education will respect the request of the Whitman students and remove the requirement that all MCPS students sign in to the counselor's office with their name and ID number? Deal?

    4. Here is the Board of Education's request for removal of these comments:

  2. The first place to look is the no bid contract with Performance Matters. Jack used them in Calvert and at the state level. MCPS was using Performance Matters for professional development. Now MCPS is using them to monitor student data. There was no bid for that contract as MCPS previously used their own home-grown data monitoring system. One of Jack's $100,000 consultants works directly with Performance Matters. I guess Jack thought he could slip this by folks in MCPS like he did down in Calvert. This ain't Mayberry Jack!


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