Tuesday, November 28, 2017

“We’ve been carrying a lot of debt for a long time,” Rice said, adding the County needs to go on a diet on how much it borrows

...“The bottom line is that’s a school you can’t just (put a) band-aid easily,” Kloblukowski said.
He said Wheaton, Damascus, Magruder and Wootton are in similar situations because MCPS’ Superintendent removed them from the MCPS CIP.
“Capacity is a lousy excuse for not taking care of business,” Kloblukowski said, at which point many of the 35 audience members broke into applause.
Rice said Poolesville High School, which MCPS Superintendent Smith temporarily shelved from construction (according to his proposed six-year capital improvements plan for MCPS) will not likely earn an expensive capital construction project soon due to how the school board and county select capital projects to fund. The issue is MCPS long-range planning department did not project overcrowding issues (more than 120 percent of the number of students it can hold) for the school in the next six years.
Rice said Poolesville High School – already one of the older buildings in the county – is at a disadvantage because MCPS does not project significant enrollment increases there.
“Normally a lot of our schools that are aged – are also aged and have a capacity issue,” Rice said.
Kloblukowski said the superintendent seemed to be unfairly favoring overcrowded schools to schools that are old...


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