Saturday, December 2, 2017

MCPS Requests Removal of Comments from Parents' Coalition Blog

Here is the original post:

The Montgomery County Board of Education is a member of MABE, the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. Each year our Board of Education members attend the annual MABE convention in Ocean City, Maryland.  MABE and the convention are sponsored in part by vendors who then have exclusive access to our Board of Education members during the convention.  For example, one vendor is BoardDocs.  BoardDocs is now the vendor that is used to put up our local Board of Education's meeting minutes.  Were other vendors considered?

More on MABE:

Remember when it was discovered that a MCPS staff member went to London on a trip through Promethean, another no bid vendor who had begun to supply MCPS will thousands of Promethean Boards?

And there was this cocktail party with outside council:

Our request for expense reports:

Ironic that the Board of Education members want THEIR names removed from our blog on a post where students are requesting that their personal information be removed from MCPS data!


  1. Derek Turner is an attorney but he is not the BOE's general counsel. Have the (un)named individuals authorized Mr. Turner to represent them? Who is paying Mr. Turner's fees for providing this representation?

  2. Derek is the director of communications/ spokesperson for MCPS. He consults with the general council on legal matters. What Derek should do is explain what part of the posts are false. Here are a few questions that he can respond to:

    1. Was Katheryn Gemberling paid two $50,000 installments last fiscal year as a paid consultant to any executive level official in MCPS (It was Jack Smith & Nikki Diamond)? (

    2. Did Katheryn Gemberling ever work with Performance Matters (

    3. Did Katheryn Gemberling ever present with Jack Smith as a representative of Performance Matters while Jack was superintendent of tiny Calvert County? (Check PDF Page #7:

    No need to answer Derek, I got that covered for you. Now let Janice go on about her business uninterrupted.

  3. Janice, you should ask for the Performance Matters contract and all responses to the RFP for the "new electronic grade entry system, allowing for the elimination of data collection staff in schools" Jack Smith boasted about in this article:

    Let me put on my MCPS hat and guess that their response will go something like this: MCPS is using an existing contract with Performance Matters to... STOP... The existing contract was for the professional development system. It had nothing to do with a "grade entry system." There was NO BID for the "new electronic grade entry system."

  4. Mr. Turner threatens but provides no evidence that what was posted is a 'falsehood.' Keep the post up. Thanks Parents' Coalition for all you do to shed light on this school board and its members' activities. As the Post says, 'Democracy dies in darkness.'


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