Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Md. Gov. Hogan slams regional schools, calls for inspector general

...The Maryland State Education Association, which represents teachers in Maryland public schools, called Hogan’s statements “an attack on public education.” Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, who is running for governor, said the current state board of education, whose members are appointed by the governor, already has the power to conduct audits of school systems. “Right now, he has the ability to do that.”
Baker said that if the governor really wanted to help school systems, “Maybe he should meet with superintendents once a week.”
In Montgomery County, Janis Sartucci, with the Parents Coalition, whose members have been sharp critics of spending and management practices in the local school system, welcomed Hogan’s plan for an education inspector general.
“It’s long overdue and desperately needed,” said Sartucci. “If the governor is looking at bringing in additional resources and additional oversight, we would fully support that.”...


  1. It's time to bring in the cavalry!

  2. The part-time elected legislators
    Will mull over the new gesture
    And based on their track record
    They'll put it out to pasture.

  3. Teachers are having hundreds of dollars taken out of their paychecks because MCPS screwed up the tobacco attestation implementation.

    1. So, literally their money went up in smoke!

    2. Really? What was the teachers' union's position on the illegal class fees that parents have been told to pay for decades? Did we all miss the petition to stop ripping students off? And how about the petition to pay back the Rock Terrace students who had their bank accounts drained by staff? Let's start by supporting students.


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