Thursday, June 14, 2018

School Administrator's MD License Revoked, But Hired by Morgan State University as Student Services Coordinator

From the Marylanld State Department of Education:  Freddie Dean Smith had his Maryland school administrator license revoked on October 7, 2016. 


Morgan State Honors College Hires Convicted Felon

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Convicted felon, sex offender, serial liar and fraudster, Freddie Dean Smith is alive and well and currently working as the Student Services Coordinator for the Clara I. Adams Honors College at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Morgan State, a state-owned HBCU, ranks among the Top 20 Historically Black College and Universities in the United States.
Smith serves as the Morgan State advisor for the National Honor Society Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society for first-year college students. He is a member of the steering committee for the 5K Study Abroad Fund, administered by the Morgan State University Foundation.
Smith is scheduled to represent Morgan State at the annual conference of the National Association of African-American Honors Program in November in North Carolina. The NAAAHP website lists Smith as “Dr. Freddie Smith Parliamentarian”.  Smith’s doctorate was revoked in 2009 following a plagiarism investigation by the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.
Morgan State officials did not respond to repeated requests for comment on how Smith was hired despite requirements for an employment and criminal background check for school administrators...

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  1. I guess he slipped through the dragnet operation “Broken Heart.”


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