Wednesday, July 18, 2018

MABE's Newest Vendor that will be Meeting with Board of Education Members Outside of Public View

MABE is the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.  It is a private club that taxpayers fund. Each Board of Education in the State of Maryland belongs to MABE with the notable exception of the Maryland State Board of Education who dropped out of the club in 2012.

In recent years MABE has been "partnering" with companies that have things to "sell" to Boards of Education.


Each year MABE holds a conference in Ocean City and on top of the dues above, tax payers fund the OC Party

While at the conference MABE "partners" have unrestricted access to Board of Education members. Parents? You aren't there and don't have a voice in these procurement discussions.  

Today, MABE added another vendor to their list.  Take a look at what this vendor sells because there is a possibility that your Board of Education will be bringing this product to your local school system soon.  

MABE's other sponsors:

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