Thursday, March 12, 2020

Board of Ed Voted to Overrule Jack Smith. Suspended Student May Not Return to Previous School Placement.

Below are minutes from a Closed Session of the Montgomery County Board of Education.  The matter shown is an appeal from the suspension of a student.  The Superintendent had ruled that the student would be suspended for 10 days and could then return to their home school.

Initially, Board members and Apple Ballot endorsed candidates Pat O'Neill and Judy Docca moved to affirm the Superintendent's decision.  Board member Brenda Wolff agreed with that motion.

However, the rest of the Board of Education did not agree and instead moved to affirm the suspension but reverse the decision to allow the student to return to their home school.

The public does not know what this case involved.  Did this case involve a victim?  Did this decision force an offender to move instead of telling the victim to find a new school?$file/200310%20Report%20of%20Previous%20Closed%20Session.pdf


  1. It seems that all their pompous formality has obscured the stark reality.

  2. What does reverse, in part, mean?


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