Friday, March 13, 2009


Earlier this week Eastern Middle School parents held a rally at the Board of Education because they were surprised to suddenly learn that MCPS was dropping their 8 period/block schedule.

Board members were surprised to learn of that change too!

Now more surprises, Bethesda Middle School will also be dropping their block schedule for the month of April. When did the Board of Education evaluate block scheduling and decide it is a bad thing?
North Bethesda Middle School is considering changing the schedule from the current Block to a more traditional 1 - 7 schedule. This decision has significant implications for students, parents and staff. The PTSA is creating a committee to work on this issue. The committee will gather information, report back to the PTSA, provide assistance in the "trial run" evaluation NBSM is planning for the month of April, and provide input to the Administration on this decision. We have also been asked by the Administration to assist with developing a survey to be distributed to parents after the the trial run.

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