Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Navarro - No Show

Board of Education member Nancy Navarro was a No Show at today's Board of Education meeting. No explanation was given for her absence. Board member Navarro was therefore not present to discuss or vote on a MCPS plan to take out a 10 year $600,000 lease + interest on artificial turf for one high school.

Ms. Navarro also missed the vote on three procurements - EasyLobby, Gompers and Netcom that were specifically discussed.

Notable was the discussion of the EasyLobby purchase. MCPS Chief Operating Officer Larry Bowers told the Board that when considering a visitor management system, MCPS "looked at" 3 different systems. Now, after installing the EasyLobby system in 39 schools, MCPS is hearing "questions" from elementary principals.

MCPS will now be putting out a "RFP to look at what company to go with in the future".

Here's a thought, maybe MCPS should have put out a RFP for a visitor management system in the first place and actually taken formal bids. Just a thought.

Update: Board of Education member Nancy Navarro was at Kennedy High School's Women's Leadership Conference today instead of the MCPS Board of Education meeting. The event was from 7:30 to 11:00 AM. The MCPS Board of Education meeting went until well after 4 P.M.

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