Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New York City Debates Safety of Artificial Turf -- In Public!

According to the New York Times online, February 9, the New York City Council will be debating a bill to institute a moratorium on artificial turf because of health concerns. According to City Council member Eric N. Gioia, "“You wouldn’t let your child play in a junkyard.” The City already closed one field because of high lead levels.

Ok, two interesting things here. First, a member of the City Council, an elected body, actually spoke out against artificial turf, recognizing the health risks; according to the article, "several elected officials" actually ventured down off their dais to meet in public with citizens and members of a watchdog group. Outside at the Park! In the open!

According to the article, other states, including Connecticut and New Jersey are also looking at the safety issues surrounding artificial turf.

And even more amazing for those of us living in Montgomery County, MD, there will be a public debate on the matter. Who ever heard of such a thing? a public debate? you mean out in the open? and covered by a newspaper? whoa! that is WAY too transparent.

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