Sunday, March 15, 2009

Open School/Eat Ham

On Tuesday, March 17, 2009, the MCPS Board of Education Fiscal Management Committee is slated to discuss the State Audit of MCPS at 9 AM. It's about time!

The Maryland Office of Legislative Audits Fiscal Management Practices Performance Audit Report for MCPS was released January 23, 2009, and is chock full of cost saving recommendations! The Board approved the FY 2010 Budget without taking into consideration the results of this extensive State Audit of MCPS finances.

The State Audit reported in general terms about the financial practices of MCPS. But let's take a look at a specific example of how MCPS is spending our taxpayer dollars.

While most of the rest of us are out getting shoes, haircuts, and the "supply list" for the first week of school, Montgomery County Public Schools Central Office staff at 850 Hungerford Drive in Rockville is busy too - eating! Let's look at one department's AMEX charge card records that have been attributed to "Executive Staff-Opening Week" 2007.

Date ordered: 8/24/07 Date Delivered: 8/27/07 $252.24 Chesapeake Catering. Executive Staff, Opening Week.

Date ordered: 8/24/07 Date Delivered: 8/29/07 $222.34 Chesapeake Catering. Executive Staff, Opening Week.

Date ordered: 8/28/07 Date Delivered: 8/28/07
$142.30 Gelico's. Executive Staff, Opening Week.

Date ordered: 9/5/07 Date Delivered:9/5/07 $160.00 Gelico's. Executive Staff, Opening Week.
Date ordered: 8/30/07 Date Delivered: 8/30/07 $211.86 Honey Baked Ham. Executive Staff, Opening Week.
The source of these charges are AMEX card logs obtained by the Parents' Coalition via Maryland Public Information Act requests. The actual credit card logs are available for viewing on our website. We have obtained credit card log information for 15 MCPS central office staff and 1 principal. This is just a very small sample of the use of the 1,400 AMEX Credit Cards in use in Montgomery County Public Schools. See the list of AMEX credit card holders here.

Please note the MCPS Purchasing Card Users Guide does not permit the use of AMEX cards for restaurant purchases. So if you have the food catered is that an exception to the rule?

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  1. The State audit identified several other issues, perhaps more critical, and certainly representing greater $ impact on county taxpayers.

    1. Capital Lease & Cash Management Policies Need to be Established

    2. MCPS Should Take Additional Steps to Control Health Care Costs


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