Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: New MCPS Communications Director

From Georgia's Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog "Get Schooled."

Personal note: Wishing Dana Tofig well in his new job
DOE director of communications Dana Tofig is taking a new job in Montgomery County, Md., which will be closer to family...

...He’s moving to an exciting school district with an active parent watchdog group. I like to think we’ve prepared him for the scrutiny...

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UPDATE REMINDER: MCPS is still under a Teacher hiring freeze (See page 6 at link.) Classroom Teacher positions that are vacated this school year are not filled with certified teachers. Instead, under this Teacher hiring freeze any vacancies in a classroom will be filled with a per diem substitute. However, Superintendent Weast was able to fill this position that had been vacant since early summer.


  1. and let's not forget: MCPS Communications department has a $10 million dollar budget! (Wonder if that is more or less than the whole Georgia Dept. of Education PR Dept....)

  2. Also note that this freeze applies to building services staff. There are schools where we've been short-staffed in this dept., must I add, during a SWINE FLU PANDEMIC, and as such, classrooms are not cleaned thoroughly because they expect two people to clean an entire school every evening. They cannot possibly dust, clean, mop, wipe down desks and tables, clean sinks, refill paper towels and handsoap, etc. No wonder teachers and students have been sick for days on end ... and the school does NOT inform parents OR teachers of cases of swine flu ...


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